Reprinting Dujarie Press Books-Mary's Books

To see these books look under the heading of Saints & Famous Catholics.


We are so excited to let everyone know of a new adventure for Mary's Books. 
We are reprinting the Dujarie Press Saints and Famous Catholics Biographies in paperback.


We have renamed the series to: IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THE SAINTS so to order any of these simply type in "IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THE SAINTS" under keyword and you are ready to order.


This first group are Level 1 books-they are approximately 32 pages each, have double spacing and a larger font size to make them easier to read.  You can buy the titles individualy or in the sets of 10 that we have listed.  When buying the sets you save 10% plus you get a better shipping rate (Each set counts as 1 book instead of 10 for Level 1 or 5 for Level 2).


LEVEL 1 Books-60 titles available


Set 1
A Story of St. Therese
A Story of St. Anthony
A Story of St. Cecilia
A Story of St. Charles
A Story of the Infant Jesus of Prague
A Story of St. Joan of Arc
A Story of St. Agatha
A Story of St. Margaret of Scotland
A Story of St. Elizabeth of Hungary
A Story of St. Bernadette


Set 2
A Story of St. Rita
A Story of St. Germaine
A Story of St. Dominic
A Story of St. Simon of Stock
A Story of St. Peregrine
A Story of St. Stephen
A Story of St. Wenceslaus
A Story of St. Hyacinth
A Story of St. Bridget
A Story of Stanislaus Kostka


Set 3
A Story of St. Blaise
A Story of St. Louise de Marillac
A Story of St. Sebastian
Andrew the Apostle
A Story of Our Lady of Fatima
A Story of St. Clare
A Story of Louis Braille
A Story of Bl. Pauline Von Mallinckrodt
A Story of Millet
A Story of St. Gemma


Set 4
A Story of St. John Bosco
A Story of St. Peter
A Story of St. Isaac Jogues
A Story of St. Patrick
A Story of St. Joseph
A Story of St. Dominic Savio
A Story of St. Paschal Baylon
A Story of Schubert
A Story of Ven. Catherine McAuley
A Story of St. Angela Merici


Set 5
A Story of St. Cyprian
A Story of St. Lucy
A Story of St. Camillus
A Story of Michaelangelo
A Story of St. Benedict
A Story of St. Lawrence
A Story of Our Lady of Guadalupe
A Story of St. Catherine of Alexandria
A Story of Captain John Barry
A Story of St. Christopher


Set 6
A Story of St. Margaret Mary
A Story of St. Meinrad
A Story of St. Marguerite D'Youville
A Story of Diego Mendez
A Story of St. Agnes of Assisi
A Story of St. Francis of Assisi
A Story of St. John
A Story of St. Martin De Porres
A Story of St. Ignatius of Loyola
A Story of St. Francis Xavier


We also have 35 (soon to be 40) of the Brother's Level 2 books ready to purchase (with 5 more available in mid-November 2015). They are approximately 90 to 96 pages each.  Again they have a larger font size so that everyone can enjoy them as well.  These are in sets of 5 with the same pricing either individually or a 10% savings if you buy the set.  The titles include:


LEVEL 2 Books

Set 1
No Tears for the Bride-A Story of St. Perpetua
Stairway to the Stars-A Story of St. Germaine Cousin
Music From the Hunger Pit-A Story of St. Maximillian Kolbe
The Girl Who Laughed At Satan-A Story of St. Rose of Lima
Bring Me An Axe- A Story of St. Boniface of Germany

Set 2
The Archer Saint-St. Hubert
Queen of the Poor-St. Elizabeth of Hungary
The Saint on Horseback-St. Louis King of France
Our Lady Comes To Paris-St. Catherine Laboure
To The Ends Of The Earth-St. Francis Xavier Cabrini

Set 3
King of Colors-Fra Angelico
Just For Today-Bl. Marie Leonie
Our Lady Comes To Pontmain
I Serve The King-St. Francis Borgia
The Wandering Mistrel-Antonin Dvorak


 Set 4
A Torch in the Darkness-St. John of Capistrano
Fold It Gently-Fr. Abram Ryan
When All Ships Failed-St Raymond of Pennafort
Stepping Stones to Heaven-St. Gaspar del Bufalo
Hide The Children-St. Bernard of Clarivaux


 Set 5
Show Us Your Face-Ven. Leo Papin DuPont
David-King of Israel
A Search For A Shepherd-Fr. Paul of Graymoor
The Face In The Flames-St. Bridget of Sweden
The Miracle Man of Muro-St. Gerard Majella


 Set 6  
The Great Saint Augustine
Our Lady Comes To New Orleans
The Girl Who Worked Wonders-St Philomena
Our Lady's Portrait Painter-Raphael
The Boy From Cheapside-St Thomas Beckett


Set 7    
Proudly We Hail-St Francis De Sales 
The Boy Who Saw The World-St Francis Xavier
The Man Who Limped To Heaven-St Ignatius Loyola
The Child of Many Wonders-Infant Jesus
The Magic Brush-Giotto   


Set 8   (Available late February 2019)
Angel of the Ragpickers-Fr. Jean Lamy 
Our Lady Comes to Beauraing
Don't Push-Cesar Franck
The Merry Saint-St. Thomas More
The Hour of the Dragon-St. Jean Thophane Venard  


Level 3

Set 1
The Ox Was An Angel-St Thomas Aquinas
Dante And His Journey
Ink In His Blood-Fr. Knox
Don't Turn Back-St Ignatius Loyola
Dawn Brings Glory-Bl. Miguel Pro


Set 2
A Light on the Mountain-St Paul of the Cross
Watchdog on the Rhine-St Peter Canisius
Jeremiah, the Prophet
The Lion of Bethlehem-St Jerome
From the Lion's Mouth-Daniel the Prophet



Keep watching for updates as we will post the new titles when available.


If you order them as a set you receive a 10% discount as well as reduced shipping!


What great role models for our young people of today. If we can even take 1 thing from each book and put it into practice in our lives today we will be better Catholics and better people. As Br. Roberto wrote to me in a letter "Saints are just ordinary people with an extraordinary love for God" Any one of us could be a saint. Let's start our children on the right path!!