Mary's Books

Mary's Books started because of our Love of Books. My Mom started selling books to homeschool families more then 30 years ago and with her encouragement we branched off and started our own home business.  I  want to thank Our Heavenly Mother, Mary, "Hence the name Mary's Books", for Her guidance and love as I have placed this business under Her Care and ask Her for help daily. We hope you will find what you are looking for and if not please contact us as we have many books that we have yet to list. Keep checking back as we will be listing many books in the future as well.


And now we are starting another segment in our book business. We are Publishing books-starting with some wonderful Saints and Famous Catholic Biographies. We hope to add some great Catholic Fiction as well in the future. 
When I started doing this I placed our business in the hands of Our Lady of Grace-Our Mother, Our Guide, Our Help!! She has helped us so very much already!! When God picked a woman to be the Mother of His Son, He knew that He picked the best of the best. Now we, too, ask Our Mother to help our family to continue on the path to her Son, Jesus. 
Our Lady of Grace Pray For Us